The reverie of relationship and memoria


oil paint in canvas


Edition of Proof Type
only one

reverie, relationship and memory
This work was inspired by a sentence from the movie where we belong:
"You don't take ownership of your life. You are not the owner of the breath that goes in and out of your nose now. Everywhere gave you a favor and forfeited. Everyone is attracted to you to think yes and then push you away. It's not the same as what you do with anyone else.”
The concept of the work comes from exploring the emotional state of loneliness and nostalgia in past stories, whether happy or sad, falling into the trance of memories and yearning for familiar feelings from past relationships. Has circulated into life, whether it is in the form of friends or loved ones who have brought familiarity to each other, although today the familiarity has changed to something else. But the fragments of feelings lead us to nostalgia for these former moments through memory that it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between memory and imagined and manipulated. Try to protect the state of mind from the experience of facing harsh facts stored in memories that are not in a fixed and unchanging state.