Phoummachanh INTHAPANYA

The other self

H35 × W35 cm

Digital Art


Edition of Proof Type
Unique Work

In this piece of art, I got inspiration from repression, Personally, I think that can happen when is anything or whatever comes to hurt the mind that causes Physical or psychological effects. Sometimes people try to keep it inside or forget what happened just like pain from an Accident.

So, in this artwork, I would like to Presentation about the main character who tries to hide her real identity and emotions, pretend to be another self that is not what she likes to do, and try to impress people around her, Accumulate and become a negative emotion. until reaching the limit that she can’t hold back her emotion anymore
in basic element, a Crack on the character’s face be compared as a wound that she tries to hold back, A Hand around her mean identity and emotional that she can’t control, that makes negative emotions take over the character’s mind

a color I’m used to telling the story I choose red color because that means love but the meaning can be strong emotion like a wave of anger too, the second is blue mean sadness. Besides those colors can mix and become purple which meaning of despair and loss

this artwork became the challenge one, beside presentation the meaning of this art, there’re a lot of new idea and technical that I’m never do before that gave me a new experience too.

The last one, I'd like to say thank you for staying with me until the end of the video and for the opportunity to present my artwork. I'm glad to be a part of this contest and to express the story through this work.