Vi Keo

Pink T-shirt

H55.5 × W37.5 cm

Acrylic on paper


Edition of Proof Type
Unique Work

The artwork was created to describe her own family's complex situation, in which her parents divorced when she was very young. Her mother remarried, and she and her siblings were neglected. As a kid, all she could do was cry alone, wishing for her parents to reunite. Her father once returned and gave her a pink T-shirt as a gift. Despite the fact that it was quite large on her at the time, she loved it so much. Her father left the house without a word, and the pink T-shirt became her precious treasure as it was her father's last gift. Along with mental health issues such as relationship anxiety, stress, and depression, they influenced her behavior. She is very grateful to an organization that supports her, cheers her on, and gives her financial and mental support. The artist hopes all parents would think carefully before starting a family or getting divorced because it will impact the children and their future greatly.