Noppawan Chamnansilp

Captive Beauty


Acrylic color, Nail polish


Nowadays, various beautiful animals are very popular as pets. Because of the uniqueness and beauty of these animals, people are fascinated, like and want to possess these animals to admire. By capturing the beauty of these animals, while beating the animal's value in large sums. but vice versa If changing from a beautiful animal to a beautiful human instead of being imprisoned and valued Instead, it is considered inhumane, depressing, and not admirable.

This picture is therefore a picture that reflects the minds of most people. with the use of both warm and cold tones The warm colors convey a feeling of warmth. vitality and the cool colors convey the peace that living beings deserve. When these colors combine to form a beautiful color, it is like we see these animals as beautiful things. But we confine the beauty Being alive while seeing these things is valuable. using a golden cage to convey preciousness while in captivity humans use black and gray to portray their feelings of sadness and depression. when he saw a human being imprisoned

Nowadays, there are still people who are so fascinated by the beauty and value of these animals that they forget to study before raising them and lack understanding of the nature of animals. This results in the animal being stressed, suffering, exhibiting many strange behaviors and possibly even death. This image thus conveys the imprisonment of what is supposed to be natural. causing the animals to lose their freedom as well.
“Do not be deceived by the captivating beauty. Because stealing freedom is not a beautiful thing.”